Some ideas how the collaboration software can help the corporate world

Posted: 20 Feb 2008 753 views 0 comments
Corporate World, collaboration, enterprise software, community and social media software. All great, important terms, complicated, full of all sorts of definitions and meaning.

For me those things are important. Really! Very! Because ITBrix does exactly that. We are developing software for 13 years now, a couple of our employees started signing the payroll docs in 1995. This is very important and not that common for a Web 2.0 company like ITBrix.

Our new Product and Service called WordFrame is actually all about the proper collaboration and organization, better communication, business process and sales integration within any company and corporation.

This is my WordFrame blog and I will be talking about and discussing WordFrame a lot here, but I will stress on key tools and functionality in general in this post. What should a new modern company has in regards to tools and organization to benefit those new social media and business collaboration tools that are available out there?

The first and the foremost thing is that the company (or the corporation) should be willing to change the way it is presented to the world, the way it works with its customers and vendor. The way it interacts with its own employees and most importantly with its competition and the media in general. If the will for a change is there – tools are there too. If the company does not want to change its perception of the new marketing techniques and tools, if the company does not want to lead and follow open conversation and discussion with the rest of the world – sorry, it will not work. So for those who want to change, even a little, here is what you can use in your company:

Wikis – very useful tool for online and offline collaboration. A document, a material or an article can be edited and created by more than one person at the same time. The people working on this document can be thousands of miles apart. The wikis can compare document versions, can restore previous versions and most importantly – the docs are available 24/7 online. It does not matter where you are, traveling or at what time you need the docs – the docs are there. What else – manageable interface, easy-to-work-with HTML or text editors. Almost no administrative cost

Blogs and Forums – Create public and open communities and discussion groups with your customers, vendors and employees – tools for open conversations. Talk to the world, tell them what you have and what you can do for them. Prepare to get slammed though – people are honest and sometimes angry – you may not like what you hear about your company or you. But there are also the positive opinions and of course- what better way to increase customer’s loyalty than honestly and openly tell your customers what the real deal and situation with your company is. Those are great tools. Engage your employees, customers and vendors in a non-stop conversation for how you can make the things they need and you have better.

Online file and document management systems
Just imagine all the files, documents and written materials accessible from everywhere, wherever you are, all the time! What can be more productive and easier?

RSS feeds and RSS aggregators
The RSS technology presents the easiest and fastest way to get the news or the information in general that you are interested it. Use RSS readers and aggregators to quickly obtain newly edited or changed content information from websites, news services or data collecting and publishing systems. A Specific RSS feed that will be processed by your RSS reader will contain only the information you have subscribed for and nothing more. Saving time …. Put RSS on your sites and systems – more and more people are using those. It is easy…

I will continue posting materials and examples on this topic … We at ITBrix know it is important

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