Create and Sign package tool

To create an Integra package that is not signed you do not need any special tools, just a simple zip archiving program. Unsigned packages are a good starting point for testing your product, but should not be distributed to your customers, as you will not be able to guarantee their integrity.

But when you need to distribute a package you'd better sign it first and double check the XML file. In the signing process we have a tool that can help you.

WordFrame package creation tool v.1.0.5 This is a tool for creating and signing wordframe packages, that can be distributed automatically to wordframe systems. Download

When you start the program it will initially ask you for you vendor name (or developer name of the the packages signor) and the private-public key pair. It will generated one for you if you do not have, and you'd better archive them asap. You will need to set also a working folder, where the newly created packages should be saved.

Once the settings are done you will be asked to browse the folder of the package you need to create from and sign. Have in mind that the package folder needs to follow the folder structure as described in the wiki documentation or generally the contents should be:

1. - and xml format file according to the structure defined here

2. repository folder containing the package contents.

That's it.