Create a UI package

General overview of the package creation process

In general the process to create a wordframe integra package can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Create the package folder -all files of the package, should be situated in one folder, which will be later submitted to the packaging tool
  2. Create the mandatory "repository" folder and "" file - read more about this file on this location
  3. Keep the specific file and folder structure in the repository folder, according to each of the package types - the different package types, require different package contents. As an example the UI package needs to have a layout and skin definition file in the repository folder, named uipack.xml.
  4. Run the Wordframe Integra packaging tool and browse the package folder
  5. Hit the "Create package" button


Create from scratch (more)

Starting from scratch is meant to provide more control over each aspect of the CSS or when you need to apply your own CSS framework. 

  • pros - get more control or apply your own CSS framework. You can distribute the package and support it with automatic updates.
  • cons - requires more time and you will need to create basic elements required by some specific HTML rendering from Integra

On our opinion, this approach is good when you have to build a very unique User experience, that hasn't got much common with your previous projects or the packages provided by Wordframe Integra.

Create from existing one (more)

Building you own package based on already existing one provides much quicker results.

  • pros - faster results, prebuild CSS for the specific system elements. You can distribute the package and support it with automatic updates.
  • cons - needs understanding of the CSS and may require a lot of changes

Just override the installed package CSS (more)

If you need to apply just a small change, this is you way to go.

  • pros - fastest results
  • cons - You cannot distribute the result to other installs and cannot maintain them via the automatic system updates.