Distribute your own UI package

Prepare the package

To build the newly customized UI package and sign it for distribution you need to use the Wordframe Integra packaging tool. The specifics in the UI package type is that you need to have in the repository folder the uipack.xml file. This file will be later used by the install program to check for available layouts and skins in the package.

Distribute manually

If you want to make your package available to just a few Integra sites, you can upload them manually. The local repository of the Integra site, is the functionality that will make the package available only for the current Integra installation. To use it you need to follow the steps as defined on this page

Distribute with your own package repository

To distribute your packages and enable the large scale package maintenance you will need to do the following:

1. Install the ITBrix.Repository application

The software repository application is a software working on top of Integra, that holds Integra software packages and distribute them via a webservice to all Integra sites, that request them. You can create you own repository by installing the corresponding ITBrix.Repository application. Follow these steps for further assistance.

2. Set up your repository

The repository application has a single webframe that handles all needed functionality on uploading and deleting packages or configuring the application. If you want your repository to service only your customers and not the general public, you will need to set up a private key from the webframe's settings tab.

3. Add your repository to all Integra sites that you want to benefit from your packages

All WordFrame Integra sites, constantly check the WordFrame official software package repositories, for new or updated packages. This list is automatically added by the system, but you can add manually your own repository by following these steps.

4. Upload your packages

New packages can be uploaded, from the "Upload packs"  tab on the repository application root page. Once the packages are uploaded they will be available to all Integra sites that request synchronization from this repository.