Website Templates overview

What is a Website Template?

When using the Integra platform a Website Template is the basic building block you use to create a website. Each Template includes an Integra platform installation with one or more installed applications, the associated user interface and any applied configuration. It could be one of the standard Templates supplied by ITBrix, or provided by a member of the ITBrix partner community, or developed for a specific purpose by an Integra user. It will target a specific business process and requirements - for example community blog, micro-blogging, company website, or it could be a combination of those applications working together. With a Template, the time for getting online is significantly reduced - you can just deploy it and use it. However, if you have the appropriate architect or builder rights you can use the Integra platform to change the look and feel, modify it or add further functionality and then save it as a new Template. On many of the Templates there is dedicated documentation which makes training support much quicker and easier. You can also use Templates as a basis for building your own applications for distribution through the ITBrix marketplace.

How a Website Template is made?

We recommend that the Templates are made on Microsoft SQL 2005. The reason is that databases from MS SQL 2008 cannot be restored on MS SQL 2005 server.
IMPORTANT: When making Templates, use a dummy Database connection user, as the full database connection string will be included in the template package.

To create a Template, you need simply to apply the required configurations on a clean WordFrame Integra installations and backup it. The backup file holds all the necessary information for a Template, which will create an exact and identical copy of the backed up solution. We are strongly suggesting not to distribute private and personal information in your Tempates, so make sure you carefully check your solution before backing it up.

How to install a Template?

You can install a template using one of the two alternative methods:

  • fresh installation - the WordFrame Integra installer program will present you with a list of all Templates available online and distributed by the WordFrame team. Also there is a browse functionality to install a custom made preset (the browse functionality is coming soon)
  • restore over existing copy - you can also restore a backup/ template file, over an existing installation of WordFrame Integra. Be aware that all your existing copy data will be purged and lost during the restore process.