Why WordFrame Integra?

What so special about Integra?

Integra has a unique approach for the web presence building. It allows the integrator to build the website as a web application, rather than a number of pages with the same characteristics. You need Integra when you want to create the easiest maintenance of the content possible, having in mind the technological proficiency of the content managers. Some users can make a very rich page just by using pure HTML, some by using a WYSIWYG editor, some need a very simple form with nothing more than textboxes and file uploads. Integra can give you this and much much more, as it handles each page, as a page of a web application rather than a CMS page.

Why are we developing on Integra?

We are also web developers and combined as a team, we have more then 150 years experience in making applications for the Web. Our applications served their 1 billion views long time ago. Then in a fine and sunny dayin 2007 we found ourselves supporting so many code versions of our software, that it was really killing our 20+ team. We needed something a lot better as a tool and we had the knowledge, experience and budget to create it. So we said, why the heck not? And Integra was born.

We now use it for all our web projects as it is extremely time saving, scalable and flexible. And the ability for automatic software updates over 1000+ installs is giving us confidence in the quality of our software.

Why should you consider developing on Integra?

We consider our great responsibility to give the best value we can for every second you spend learning and using Integra. To do that we provide:

Save in development


Quick implementation

As a platform that builds web applications, without constraints and with support scalability, we are focusing on emerging markets and SME niches. To bring value to these market you need to implement your ideas fast, as speed gives you the competitive advantage. In order to minimize this implementation period, we give you ready to deploy templates, integrated management of multiple software packages, source code and easy modification of the elements on top of the platform


Low budget

The greatest magic is in the ability to reuse and have things prebuilt. You do not need to be concerned about users, security, pages, layouts, cache and so many more. We already have it done. Just use it.

You do not need to change the whole let's say Blog application. You can change only the needed one of its 20+ software packages. We will continue to support the rest. And for all of it we charge only $499 US annually per domain, including license, support and upgrades. For localhost its free. And you can even use multiple installs on a single domain by applying ports. Works great with the free MS SQL Express. Beat that.


Solid foundation

The functionality commonly needed by the applications is pre-built and integrated into the platform. It has an extensive API and functionality that makes the application integration easier and faster.


Open source

Integra became the best web application platform we know and because we are very proud of it, we want to share. We learned so much from you guys, so giving back seems natural. All the software on top of the platform is already open-source with GPL v.3 license. It is our strong intend to open source the platform's core too (once we figure out how to manage such a big open source project). You are very welcome to help and contribute.

Save in maintenance


Small team can provide scalable support

Can a small team like ours, support actively 500+ completely custom web applications. Yes, we can. How? Integra helps us with its automatic update and patch engine. The other key is the software packaging system, which helps us make very custom web applications with us little code to support afterwards. Having a comprehensive proactive protection and hardware environment monitoring services, also help. A lot. On top of that we have logs. You can back trace all the "good things" that resulted the "unexpected result".
But the jewel in the crown is the out of the box cluster support. Integra will keep you happy on our way from a small family website to a big international portal.


Complete creative control

There are many great web applications that are great as software, but suck as presentation. Integra is not one of them. You can apply even the craziest ideas of you web designer, that will make your customers say "Wow". And you can do it, without sacrificing the ability to scale and support. Not a notch.


Easy content management

For the past 15 years, we built numerous websites with integrated content management back-ends . We had the opportunity to implement, test and experience, many different approaches of web content management. The most successful ones, were implemented in WordFrame Integra. No more beautiful web applications, that are left untouched, because it is difficult to change content. Manage the content while you are browsing the website, with the Integra's Smart Browse mode.

It's ASP.net 4.0


All on top of our favorite .Net and MS SQL bundle

We have long and extensive experience of developing web solutions based on this technological package. WordFrame is the best environment for developing, managing and supporting web applications.