a day starts better ...

Posted: 26 Feb 2008 1341 views 0 comments
A day really starts better when you see a couple of important tasks reported as completed by your partners and guys you trust. Good. Very good, a couple of partners and clients will be happier today.

A couple of things to finish today that left from yesterday but the day starts good. The Plovdiv office is doing an excellent job and this makes my work easier. Boz Zashev and Rumen Yankov are great in what they are doing for WordFrame and the rest of the guys are taking care of the other projects which are equally important, of course.

Besides the demos and conf calls yesterday and today I am writing a bigger piece about how and why things happen in ITBrix and WordFrame. The last 6 months were mind opening experience so i have lined up a couple of things that i want to share with everybody ...

Plus, that will be interesting. This week I am expecting to start testing the latest release of our own .NET based CMS that will accompany WordFrame in our quest for a web content management solution later this year .. the WordFrame Enterprise. I hope we can release the CMS in March so we push the product into sales long enough so we can have the proper customer feedback before inclusion in the WordFrame Enterprise ...

I also reserected my Blogger blog, felt good. I checked all my old posts there and it was refreshing ....

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