Ornithologists in Siberia

Posted: 14 Mar 2008 1355 views 0 comments
This has been in my mind for some time now and I was wondering how to start it. I was thinking to start it with the unique look at life from Hughes “What happens to a dream deferred …” but decided not to. I think that I should be as straight as I can be, as I saw too many people twisting their moral values only because they do not want to be honest enough to call events and people with their proper names and definitions.

What happens when you lie to your colleagues and friends? You either get fired or get very, very lonely…. What happens when you stand in front of the people that helped you become someone and offend them? Well, what happens when you do it more than once and keep doing it on different occasions over and over again? What do you do then?

What do people that forget where they have started from, who has helped them and how small and insignificant they actually are - what those people do when they are left all alone? When any sense of reality and trust is gone? What happens when they are exposed and they are also lazy and moreover: have never managed to learn how to work in a team? I do not know. That is why I am asking that question to all of you, because being a part of such a great team and organization as ITBrix / WordFrame makes me unable to comprehend how the not-being-yourself part works.

My partners and friends gave me the proper answer to that question of mine about three months ago. When all this happens and you are that type of person - arrogant, lazy, hypocrite and your lies eventually get exposed, you can become only one thing for sure - an Ornithologist in Siberia. That is it. Period. That is what you can do!

Interesting, I wanted actually to write about how happy I am with the guys and girls around us and the introduction turned bigger than the punch line, no problem, my guys know me. Well, I am happy with the clear results on the sales and the development sides for the last three months – I can not be happier for the WordFrame project and venture. Thank you guys and girls!

Thank God and Faith our growing team has managed to save itself from people like the ones above and we happily move ahead for 14 years already. The interesting thing is that when we hire new people to work in ITBrix / WordFrame or we partner with new individuals and companies we do spend the time to see how will the bond work and what are the responsibility levels the both sides are willing to cover. Simple… and very productive. I am so happy that we have great people and teams around us.

Boz, Svetlyo and Ivan are doing the team pages on the WordFrame site later next week so our visitors and customers will be able to actually match a name to the faces of those great and hardworking people

As I have a small celebration today, I would like to make a toast for all our colleagues, partners and friends all over the world and to all the past, present and future Ornithologists in Siberia!

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