Startups and WordFrame

Posted: 28 May 2008 1313 views 0 comments
We had several nice meetings and business trips this month to close a number of customers as well as to work with several startups needing somewhat different customer/vendor type of relationship.

The very interesting fact, which two of those companies (future WordFrame users) observed and shared with us, was the type of reception they had got from some of our direct and not-so-direct competitors. The two companies, the first one based in Dallas and the second one based in LA, told us that the companies they approached before us were in fact targeting larger and more established enterprises. Fact – in some cases – it was almost impossible to talk to those guys over the phone or organize a meeting, let alone direct access to a project manager or live phone support. Well, we were told something that we had already known but it was anyway nice to hear that our efforts really gave great results not only for us as a company. It was good to know that our productive management and work was also making other people happy.

It turned out that most of the companies they had approached, really wanted to deal with bigger, both in size and volume, customers. Some of those companies believed that it was not economically viable to deal with communities featuring less than 10,000 users.

Well, welcome to WordFrame - we are happy to take care of customers of any size. Another interesting fact - both companies I am having in mind are actually well-funded (they have enough to pay their bills as well as to request customizations) and money is not an issue – service is.

Personal approach towards each customer alongside with clear identification of responsibilities, proper business attitude and care about all our customers is a primary goal and concern in WordFrame.

Facts like these make us wonder why others do that, but also make us really happy that we deal differently.

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