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Posted: 19 Jun 2008 1209 views 0 comments
I was looking at the latest entries in our support and issue tracking system today. Although Rumen, Boz, Tanya and I are using this every single day something very important drew my attention. We have over 990 new functionality items implemented and issues solved for the past 200 days since we separated from our previous partners.

I think this is quite an achievement having on mind our heavy involvement with the development of the WordFrame Enterprise v2.0.

We have numerous requests from our customers that we have implemented into active functionality for all the WordFrame users . That of course had always been the way to grow all our products properly - WordFrame is not an exception at all. Starting with Social Media Today going through Wenatchee and finishing with ICAEW and Neighbo requests and functional improvements helped WordFrame present an unique and difficult to duplicate functionality set

The other important thing is that all our partners and customers benefit immensely while using the support system, taking active role in the decision making and the WordFrame future.

There are two important upcoming events in the very near future - the release of the WordFrame version 1.5 and the release of the Neighbo project.

I am certain those two events will help WordFrame get the deserved recognition and respect as one of the best solutions among the existing collaboration and social media platforms. Our fans should not forget that the world learned about WordFrame on February 21, 2008, not earlier. So we will just keep it going like that for now - create great products and keep our partners and customers happy!

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