WordFrame and Social Media matters

Posted: 20 Aug 2008 2107 views 0 comments
I have been away from writing in the WordFrame blog for some time. I apologize to all our readers, customers and fans but we really had a lot to cover these past 4 weeks. We are just approaching major releases for our most important product – WordFrame Platform v1.5 

The most important thing that is really changing the game for us is getting on board a couple of new and important communities from our partners in US (Synergy3) and UK. These new communities are directed towards specific niches in the Higher Education sector. They are unique, one of their kind, and present functionality and features that have existed just in the imagination of any university administrator or higher ed vendor company. We really started helping people get their goals met.

Social Media is becoming a real tool and powerful business and product development element each and every day. Social Media creates conversations. They are started and kept alive (if properly managed) using tools like WordFrame. Those tools can help almost any type of company boost its customer base and revenue figures. Those social media conversations have to have real and true participants. We all have to know that if the participants have been listened to and most importantly, heard properly , those conversations can help anybody identify what the next important steps for its department, company, industry or sector are. The talking group, the live community, is important!

We also had a couple of important meetings held both in London, UK, and in Plovdiv, BG, as well as a long US trip and series of meetings covering Las Vegas, NV, (no kidding, besides the fun there was work too), LA and then San Francisco. It all went very well, met with a several existing customers, met with partners and similar number of prospects.

I am planning a couple of articles this and next week inspired by the meetings we had for the last 5 days with WordFrame partners visiting us in Colorado Springs. 

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