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Posted: 01 Sep 2008 2284 views 0 comments

We had quite some meetings in the past couple of weeks after July 15th. Those meetings and the busy schedule were, kind of, the reason for me not to be so active both on the WordFrame blog site and on our WordFrame twitter accounts. We had some nice guests, partners and customers visiting us in Colorado Springs.

Vicki Tambellini from Synergy3 kind of started this very nice and productive sequence. She visited us with her husband and stayed for a couple of days with us. This visit gave us all the chance to go over different business aspects of our current and future partnership. We also discussed quite extensively some key details of what the communities Synergy3 is building specifically for the education sector. We outlined what these communities will require and where we all have to stress regarding functionality and planning towards this current WordFrame v1.5 we all use now as well as the upcoming WordFrame v2.0. The specific functionality and features needed for the education industry certainly require quite a lot of heads to get together and come up with the best solution from any possible aspect – usability, functionality, feature availability and business logic. I am happy to report that the team of wonderful professionals working with Synergy3: Rumen, Zeki, Itchka, George, Lilli, Todor, Svetoslav and Ivan led by the WordFrame architect and mastermind Boz Zashev did a perfect job. Not only did Synergy3 get a unique and feature rich product quickly and bug-free – their customers have access now to social media, collaborative expertise and implementation tools that were not available before. Some of Synergy3’s customers and partners also joined us during Vicki and Dave’s visit. At one point there were over 5 people commenting the images and the WordFrame functionality on the projector screen.

By the way, we certainly will call the next version of our premier award winning social media and collaboration community building tool “ WordFrame2 “ as this is not just the next version of a social media product we started creating and producing over 3 years ago in our Software development labs in Plovdiv. This is so much more already.

One of the most important topics we discussed with our partners from Synergy3 and their customers was the one regarding the people that are actually building a specific community. Key topic in the discussions was the importance of the work around the content creation, the work of the content managers and editors as well as the never-ending work of the community manager.

I have already started and I will soon complete and publish a larger article solely based on the work needed, required and performed around the creation and life of an online business community. This topic was part of all the conversations we had with our partners for the last months actually.

I am on my way to Office2.0 event this week and I am making a good use of the size of this year’s device from Ishmael Ghalimi. I have about 395lb guy in front of me, sitting on two seats and I am absolutely certain I owe 2 very productive hours during this flight to Ishmael... thanks a lot!

More to come in the next couple of days as I have good news and impressions from Alex Ang from RelationSys, Paul Chaney and Des Walsh  – all of them making a great WordFrame partner, sales and consulting team.

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