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Post: System Pages and URL Map

Further under this discussion the usage of Login / Logout web frames and respective url node types. From one side we have the login web frame which can be placed where you desire and has good interface to enter credentials, then press a button and then shows the logged in status ( all very good and exactly as expected ). Now in a simple/common scenario this login web frame is placed in main master page in order to be able to provide login from all places and see logged status. This basically means that ANY page that uses this master page can be designated as 'login' page since they all will have it. Now lets look at Logout web frame, I would expect something similar as login frame to provide me will simple interface as link/button to logout and the optional url-redirect ( as present ). Instead every page on which logout frame is placed basically logs you out, so you need a completely fake page to hold this web frame ( no content here since it will not even be seen in case of redirect used ), so in order to have simple logout link I need to add this fake page, place logout frame in it and then in my master page add the link to this page. Now look at logout url node type, with the use of menu item you can add logout link without going through all trouble of 'fake' page as discribed, as result you have fully operational site with no logout page designated.

I would propose as idea to extend the login web frame with option to also provide logout link, this way with simple setting this can be included in interface. The whole idea behind logout web frame currently escapes me...since note that there is always generated logout in form '/wf/logout-page/' which can also be used as simple page redirect anywhere if needed...

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