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Post: Day 3 of Chamber Musician Today - Classical music community

Hi, Boz.  Looks great.  You are an awesome dude.  One question:  1) the wireframe view you are showing for the community posts/front page looks like a categories page (Music History).  I assume that if I clicked on Editor's Choice, I would see the latest posts that I have selected instead?  Editor's Choice should be the "default" view of the front page.  Otherwise looks brilliant.

Is there the possibility of a 3-col view?


Post: Day 1 of Chamber Musician Today - Classical music community

I assume the Hristo you mention is not the contemporary Bulgarian composer Hristo Tsanoff    If you're looking for a good classical station to listen to, go to  and click on "Q2" in the left sidebar.  They play mostly music by living composers and there are no commercials.  If that sounds too modern, you can click on the "WQXR" link and listen to the old dudes---with commercials.   The e-mail address I use for Sequenza21 is

Post: Day 1 of Chamber Musician Today - Classical music community

Somehow, I knew my Bulgarian wasn't quite up to the task.  Actually, what Boz and I are building is a new site called Chamber Music Now, which will be a sister site to Sequenza21, my classical music community which has been going for almost ten years and is rated number one in classical music blogs.   It is based on the Sequenza21 blueprint which I built five years ago by integrating four different WordPress installations (frontpage, forum, calendar, cdreviews) and making them look like one integrated site.  The problem that creates is that users have to log into each section individually if they want to comment or blog.  Getting a single sign in is one of the goals of the Chamber Music Now project we're doing.   (Actually, the only words I know in Bulgarian are Christo, Spartacus and Georgie Markov.) 

Post: User profiles component

Looks great. Boz.  Nice work.
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