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Boz Zashev 28 Jul 2010 08:00 no-new-comments

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17 Dec 2008

Hi WordFramers,

here is some early information about our latest application - the ITBrix.Monitoring, which entered development today.

As a company dealing with many, many websites, we need a simple solution for us and our customers to monitor various aspects of the website availability. Of course we decided to develop one on top of Integra and of course it will be available to all of you at no additional charge. Here is some brief review

1. User dashboard page

User dashboard

The User dashboard page will present the list of all monitoring checks that are created by the user and their status for the last 30 days. If one of the icons for a certain date is clicked, the user will be presented with the list of the events for this date and this check.

2.Browse events log

Events log

The Events log will present all events that are recorded by the system. Successful checks are recorded only if there is a failure before them.

3.Manage a monitoring check

Manage a check page

Monitoring check parameters and check types. Initially only the HTTP check will be supported, but soon others will be available too.



Here are the three screens of the administration, for enabling and disabling monitoring checks for a single user or for the whole application. With the external checks you are able to communicate with other applications on other servers in order to say whether a website is down or not.

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