Prepare your PC for WordFrame development

In order to operate, Integra requires certain software components to be already installed and running on the web server. So before installing the platform itself, we will need to setup the proper software environment. The easiest way is by using a dedicated program.

The Microsoft® Web Platform Installer makes it easy for you to download and install the software components that WordFrame Integra requires. It does the work of comparing the newest available components against what is already installed on your computer. I will present to you the most complete process of installing all three required server components - Internet Information Server, MS SQL Express 2008 and the .Net 4.0 Framework. In some servers one or all of these components may be present, and the platform will present the component checkbox as checked in the list.

Running the Microsoft Web Platform installer

To set up the required software environment, the MS Web Platform needs to be locally installed on the web server you plan to use for your Integra solution. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Remote / Locally login your webserver
  2. Open a browser and download the platform from its download page
  3. Once downloaded, open the wpilauncher.exe
    wpi launcher warning
  4. Press "Run" on the warning popup that will appear
  5. It will automatically get the list of the latest available software components and present it to you
    initial web platform installer screen

Select the WordFrame Integra required components and install them

While the MS Web installer is still running, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Web Platform tab by clicking on it
  2. Click on the Customize of the Web Server component
    web platform components list
  3. Check the box for Internet Information Services. If it is already checked you can skip this step, as this webserver component is already installed. When installing IIS 7, please install also the IIS 6 compatibility features.
    Note that all compatibility and management services of the IIS should be installed too.
  4. Click on the back to Web Platform link to return to the component list
  5. Click on the Customize of the Frameworks and Runtimes component
  6. Check the box for Microsoft .NET framework 4. If it is already checked you can skip this step, as this framework component is already installed.
  7. Click on the back to Web Platform link to return to the component list
  8. Click on the Customize of the Database component
  9. Check the box for SQL Server Express 2008. If it is already checked you can skip this step, as this database component is already installed.
  10. Press the Install button to trigger the installation procedure
  11. Press the I Accept button to the list of component that are scheduled to be installed
  12. If you need to install the database component the platform will ask you for some addition information as follows:
    set SQL server authentication
    • Authentication - be sure that the Mixed Mode Authentication is selected
    • The superadmin username for all SQL servers is always "sa" so you will not be able to change it.
    • Password - type in a password for the superadmin account
    • Confirm Password - type in a password your password again
  13. Write down the SQL superadmin account details, as they will be requested by the WordFrame Integra installer later
  14. Press the Continue button
  15. The installer will start with the webserver component installation. You may be asked two times to provide your windows installation CD or provide the path to the "i386" install directory. If you are using a hosted server, your hosting provider should provide it in you server's "c:\" driver or in a folder in it. (eg. c:\factory\i386\ )
  16. The installer will start the .NET Framework installation. The webserver will need 2 restarts so just press "OK" when asked
  17. The installer will start the SQL database installation, without bothering you.
  18. Check the final screen for some possible errors and if everything is OK press the Finish button.
    final web platform installer screen