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Quick Help

 This section presents some quick overview of the section's functionality as well as some insights.

Key statistics

These statistics present information about account:

new registrations
how many new accounts registrations are created in the platform.
daily average
daily average value of account registrations.
disabled accounts
how many accounts have been disabled.
total rules
number of specific registration rules.
triggered alerts
total user accounts
number of user accounts in the system.
waiting for approval
number of account waiting for approval.
not verified emails
number of the emails which is still not verified.
total logins
total number of user logins.
unique logins
number of different users logged in the system.
daily average unique
daily average value of all unique logins.
total rules
total number of the login rules.
triggered alerts
currently online
number of currently online users.
password requests
number of password requests.
failed login attempts
number of failed logins.

Last 10 activities in the section

This grid shows last 10 activities performed in this section. Have in mind that the Activity log period is managed and these actions will be seen only in set archive period.
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