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The connections string is a piece of text, that helps the system to connect to its database. It can be managed by the web application configuration file and not from WordFrame Integra itself.

WordFrame allows you to review the available database connection strings by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the WordFrame Integra Core Administration
  2. Click on the "Architect" tab in the upper left corner
  3. Click on the "Global settings" menu in the main navigation bar
  4. Click on the "Connection Strings" link in the "Database Settings" section on the left of the screen

Multiple connection strings

Sometimes, you will need more scalability. One way of achieving it, is to have separate MS SQL database servers for each of your applications. To achieve this you need to register new DB connections for the additional MS SQL servers, by adding new connection strings. Once submitted, you can select these connections during application creation or by managing the Database mapping.

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