public Block the access for an IP

proactive protection service status

To block an IP, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the WordFrame Integra Core Administration
  2. Click on the "Architect" tab in the upper left corner
  3. Click on the "Global settings" menu in the main navigation bar
  4. Click on “Proactive protection” link in the "Security" section on the left of the screen
  5. Click on “manually block an IP” link
  6. Add the IP address you want to block
  7. Choose when the restriction needs to expire.
  8. Click on the “Save” button to apply the changes

When a blocked IP address tries to access the public website, the request will be denied with a system error code "403 Forbidden", until the set expiration date. The blocked IP list is synchronized every 2 minutes, so the process of activation or blocking of an IP address can be delayed for up to 2 minutes.

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