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create a quick page

In WordFrame Integra the process of creating and publishing a webpage online includes following several steps:

  • Select a Master page template and create the page
  • Insert webframes in the page managed regions
  • Create a URL map node and bind it to the newly created page

A ultimate flexibility is achieved by this process, but sometimes you need more speed than flexibility. This is achieved the "Quick page create" functionality. To do that you need to choose one of the already existing pages for template and follow these steps:

  1. Smart browse the webpage that you will use as a template
  2. Check if the Smart Browse mode is enabled by checking the bar at the bottom of the page
  3. Click on the Tools menu of the Smart Browse bar
  4. Click on the Create a quick page link
  5. Fill in a unique name for the new page
  6. Fill in the page's Meta title
  7. Fill in the page's URL. The parent URL should be existing.
  8. Fill in the url node title that could be use in the site's navigation menus.
  9. Manage the webframes in the page regions. For each of the regions you have four alternatives:
    • leave a region to be managed by the master page
    • use the same webframe as in the page template
    • duplicate one of webframes and use an identical copy of it
    • add new existing webframes
  10. Press the Create button.
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