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The function tags are developed by the WordFrame team. They can be used everywhere in the public site in HTML, javascripts, etc. and will be substituted with the real values when the HTML is rendered. Function tags can be inserted as:
{{ function_tag: parameter }}   or   {{ function_tag: parameter $|$ option_1 $|$ option_2 }}

Usage details for functional tag translate

tag parameter (description) options (description) example
translate language pack template key
this functional tag will look for the template key in the current language pack and substitute itself with its value. The difference is that it will be automatically translated in input areas like editors and textboxes.
option_N ( string )
(not required) each option will substitute an {0} or {1) or {n} tag in the template value according its order.
{{ translate: language template key }}
{{ translate: language template key $|$ string }}
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