public History of the RAM utilization by cluster member

wordframe integra screen

To review the chart representation of the RAM utilization by server and for the log period, you need to do:

  1. Log in to the WordFrame Integra Core Administration
  2. Click on the "Architect" tab in the upper left corner
  3. Click on the "Platform monitoring" menu in the main navigation bar
  4. Click on the "Cluster monitor" link in the "Front-end cluster" section on the left of the screen
  5. Click on the "RAM" tab
The charts represent only the RAM utilization within the preset archive period for this log, managed by the System logs period page from the Architect's "Global settings" section. Have in mind that this is a very extensive log, as the records are very frequent, so keep its period within 2 weeks maximum length.

Providing enough free operational memory is very important for the server performance. RAM is extensively used both by the WordFrame Integra application and by the MS SQL database for caching system resources, which improves the performance a lot. Not having enough RAM will trigger the operational system to start using the hard disk swap file, which is a lot slower than using the RAM.

Have in mind that the monitoring service is providing overall RAM information for the server and the reason for high RAM utilization could be a third party application.

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