public Manage a system backup schedule plan

To do manage the details of an existing backup schedule plan, you need to follow these steps:

architect manage backup schedule plan
  1. Log in to the WordFrame Integra Core Administration
  2. Click on the "Architect" tab in the upper left corner
  3. Click on the "Global settings" menu in the main navigation bar
  4. Click on “Backup schedule” link in the "Database Settings" section on the left of the screen
  5. Click on “manage” link that corresponds to the backup plan you need to manage
  6. Alter the backup schedule plan details:
    • plan name (read-only) – the name of the plan
    • job name (read-only) – how background jobs created by this schedule can be recognized
    • status – if disabled the plan will stop scheduling jobs immediately. Already scheduled background jobs will not be influenced
    • schedule starts on – enter the date when the schedule plan will start scheduling background jobs
    • schedule ends on – enter the date when the schedule plan will stop scheduling background jobs
    • schedule period – how often the plan will reoccur
    • you have several options:
      • daily
      • weekly
      • monthly
      • regular intervals – if you choose this options, the system allows you to define the exact time interval when the schedule plan will start
    • alert – if you check this option, an email alert will be send to the system email, each time the plan was executed
    • scheduled by applications – it shows what application creates this schedule plan
    • backup name – enter the name of the backup 
    • backup description – type a brief description of the backup
    • backup folder – enter  the folder where backup files will be stored
    • authentication domain – enter the accounts domain
    • system username – type your server account username
    • system password – type twice your server account password
    • keep up to – shows the number of backups, you want to be kept performed by this schedule plan
  7. Click on “validate backup settings”. If everything is OK with the backup settings, you should see a popup with a message “Backup folder exists and access to create file is granted”. If there is another message you should check the account details.
  8. Retype your backup account passwords as the backup validation will clear them
  9. Press the “Save” button
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