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In WordFrame Integra Core, each section has its own dashboard. It is meant to present a quick overview of the section's purpose, functionality, key statistics and recent events.

Quick help

This section presents some quick overview of the section's functionality as well as some insights.

Key statistics

Calculated once per day.

These statistics present information about key processes in the section. Points of interest are colored in red. All variations are calculated as difference between the data before 30 days and now.

The software management dashboard displays the following information:

total packs available
Considering only the latest versions, how many packs are available in the platform's software collection list, managed by the Software manager. The available software collection is generated via synchronization with the the subscribed software repositories.
Updates available
How many installed software packs have newer versions and should be updated.
Installed packs
How many packs are installed
Automatic updates
How many automatic updates were performed in the last 30 days.
Local packs
How many packs are manually uploaded in the local repository, which is accessible only for the current application.
Global repositories
How many global repositories are subscribed to be synchronized. There are two kinds - provided and synchronized by the WordFrame team and manually added. The manually added repositories are provided by third party vendors, globally accessible and may require some additional authentication with a private key.
Trusted vendors
How many vendors are available in the trusted vendors list. This list is automatically synchronized on each update. These vendors are certified from the WordFrame team as WordFrame Integra developers and trusted vendors.
Other vendors
How many vendors are available in the trusted vendors list. The other vendors list represents all vendors that have available software in the current software collection but are not certified from WordFrame team as WordFrame Integra developers and trusted vendors.
Installed licenses
The customer account licenses are synchronized with the license server once every 24 hours automatically. You can trigger the synchronization manually too.
Expired or about to expire
How many licenses have expiration dates that are past or about to expire in the next one month.
Last synchronization
When was the last synchronization with the license server performed. When the date is in red, there was an error during the synchronization process. If the system fails to contact the license server for 7 days in a row, the public site will be automatically locked.

Last 10 activities in the section

These grid show the last 10 activities performed by architect in this section. Have in mind that the Activity log period is managed and these actions will be only in its set archive period.

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