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General notes

The WordFrame packages are actually a zip archive files that include inside:
a simple zip archive of all files of the package.
a XML file with all the information for the package.
IMPORTANT: This file is mandatory, if missing, the platform will consider this archive as invalid wordframe package.
a XML file with the vendors public key, and signed information about package's information and size. This is used when the system validates the package's integrity and vendor. If this file is missing, it will be considered as not signed by the system.

This file is generated by the packing program, but can be edited by hand also. It is used by the repositories and package manager to identify and categorize the packages. It includes specific information about the package like:

XML tagDescription
name the package name. The naming convention is "Vendor.Application.packageName". The name is set by the author.
type the package's type name or ID. The package types currently are: application, webframe, user interface, language and utility. The available types are predefined by the WordFrame team and are not case sensative. You can also use the corresponding IDs instead of the strings - Application = 1, WebFrame = 2, UserInterface = 3, Language = 4, Utility = 5
major-version an integer representing the package version. The package version is set according to the following convention - major-version.minor-version.release-version (ex. 1.0.1). The major-version is set by the author.
minor-version an integer representing the package subversion. It is set by the author.
release-version an integer representing the package release. It is set by the author.
size the size of the whole package in MB. Showed to the user as expected download size. It is set by the author.
summary brief description of the package. It is set by the author.
description long description of the package. It is set by the author.
change-log list of all changes and the corresponding releases in a special HTML format. Should include all released versions of the package. It is set by the author.
author The name of the vendor and/or developer that created the package.
copyright Company or person that holds the copyrights
license Under which license the package is distributed
creation-date when this package was created
categories A list of categories under which this package needs to be presented in the repositories
dependencies A list of packages which need to be installed also if this package is installed


This file is generated by the packing program and cannot be edited by hand. It is used by the Integra platform to verify the vendor, package integrity and information. It includes:

XML tagDescription
name the vendor name. Set by the author.
public-key The public key of the vendor with which will serve to decrypt the package signature encrypted with the vendor's private key. Set by the author.
signiture Information about the vendor, checksums of the and file. Generated by the packageing program and meant to verify the vendor and guarantee packages integrity and information
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