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To run the platform on a public domain you need to get a WordFrame Integra Core license. This license is referred to as "Integra Core" in the license column. You can get 1 month trial license for each of your root domains once. Running the platform on "localhost" does not require a license.

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A tutorial screencast of the installation process is available at

WordFrame platform installer

WordFrame Installer v.1.0.8 This is a web installer program, that will present you the available platform templates, download and install the selected one. Download

Available templates with the installer

template nameversiondescriptionlicenselinks
Wiki v.1.1.16 Easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browse and WYSIWYG editor. Integra Core via the installer
Community blog v.1.3.7 Build your own community of authors Integra Core via the installer
Clean start v.1.15 Only the platform and all system pages prebuilt Integra Core via the installer
The platform v.1.15 A clean, platform Core only preset Integra Core via the installer
Search appliance v.1.15 Establishing your own search appliance. Integra Core via the installer
Support system v.1.3.2 Ideal for supporting a software development project Integra Core via the installer
Company website v.1.15 Business website template Integra Core via the installer