Installation guide

General notes

For the purpose of this guide, we will assume that the system requirements are met and there is Microsoft SQL Express database installed. With the help of a dedicated installer program, you can set up WordFrame Integra platform as a website on a domain (eg. "" or ""), IP address or "localhost".

If an error occurs during the installation process, please refer to the dealing with errors section of this page.

Our goal is to lead you through the very basic steps of installing the WordFrame Integra platform. If you require some more specific configuration, you can either alter the actions listed here accordingly or set up your webserver, once the installation is done.

Wordframe Integra Installation

  1. Log into your server either in locally or remotely via the Windows Remote Desktop program (or another RDP client)
  2. wordframe integra screen thumbnail Download the Integra web deployment program and start it as the system administrator.
  3. If you do not have installed the Microsoft 4.0 framework, the installer will show a warning message and will navigate you to the frameworks download page, if you choose so. Install it and start the installer again
  4. Read and agree with the terms of use by checking in the corresponding checkbox.
  5. Press the “Next” button
  6. The platform installer will connect the online WordFrame Integra template repository and will get the information about the latest WordFrame-Agent service and the list of all available Templates
  7. wordframe integra screen thumbnail Leave the recommended selection - "install template from global repository"
  8. Press the “Next” button
  9. wordframe integra screen thumbnail Find the template you want to install and click on it to select it
  10. Press the “Next” button
  11. The installer will automatically download the selected template file or will use previously downloaded one, if there is any.
  12. wordframe integra screen thumbnail Fill in the details for the SQL server that will hold the template databases. We will assume you have MS SQL Express installed locally in your server.If the case is different please set the proper settings to connect to this data base.
    • As the SQL server name type in “.\sqlexpress
    • Type in “sa” as the SQL user ID of the administration account
    • The password of the administration account of the SQL server
    • Leave blank if it is your first installation over this SQL server. If not, type a prefix that will make the database names presented below this box, unique.
    • We will not create dedicated SQL user for this installation, so leave it blank
  13. Press the “Next” button
  14. wordframe integra screen thumbnail Fill in the details for the new web sites
    • choose the folder on your file system where the platform software files should be placed. (e.g. “c:\wordframe\”)
    • As instance name type “WFI
    • Leave the rest as they are. If it is your first installation the preselected ports should be available.
  15. wordframe integra screen thumbnailPress “Install” to trigger the installation process
  16. wordframe integra screen thumbnailOnce it is ready you will see the following information screen. Have in mind that trying to browse the public site on a hostname different than a localhost, could result in “No software license” web page message. We will deal with that in the next section Software license
  17. Browse the URLs provided above. The server will start compiling its installed packages for faster execution so you will need to wait for about 2 minutes before the sites are finally up and you can start using your WordFrame Integra installation.
    You can get various web server errors while the server restarts the application 2 times. Just ignore them, if they do not appear for more than 5 minutes.
  18. Log in the public site or the core administration by using the default account username architect and password architect
  19. Check your server firewall settings, if you plan to make the solution publicly available. Allow access by adding the IIS application or open port exceptions, by following these steps:
    • Open Windows Firewall from the Control panel
    • Click the Exceptions tab, and then click Add Port
    • In Name, type a name for the port exception. This name will appear in the exceptions list
    • In Port number, type the number of the port that you want to add to the exceptions list.
    • Leave the TCP option selected, and then click OK
  20. If you are using the default installation settings, you need to create two port exceptions for ports 2010 and 2011, following the above procedure.
  21. Once the installation is done and exceptions are added, the Remote connection could be closed and you can start browsing both the Public site and the administration core with the global server IP address (eg. or

Dealing with errors

wordframe integra screen thumbnail When there is an error during the installation, you will see the screen from the thumbnail. Changes to the database and the web server configuration are possible so checked that out.

The best way to deal with the error, is to first search in the community forum and the support system for similar errors and their resolutions. If the error is not yet reported, please copy and paste the log from the text area and submit it as a new ticket in the support system.