WordFrame Integra software license

License details

license cost $499 US annually
licensed software WordFrame Integra Core engine  Some of our templates and applications require additional license
licensed period 12 months plus 1 month trial for all new domains
licensed domains 1 domain or subdomain www.* is automatically licensed
software updates Unlimited during the licensed period
provided support web support system and forums

Get a license for your domain

Using the platform locally on the "localhost" URL does not require a license.

To get a software license you need to follow these steps:

  1. Register a wordframe.com account
  2. Login
  3. Click on "My licenses" on the upper right corner of the screen
  4. Fill in your customer profile (required only once)
  5. Click on "add new license"
  6. Follow the 2-step wizard

Transfer your newly created license to your WordFrame Integra copy

If no customer account is connected, the public site will be accessible only via "localhost". This restriction does not apply to the Integra Core administration, so you can log in it and do:

  1. Once the license is created navigate to the WordFrame Core administration of your installation
  2. Click on "Architect"
  3. Click on "Software management"
  4. Click on "Software licenses"
  5. Click "connect account"
  6. Type in your account details. The communication with the WordFrame server will be encrypted at all times and we will never know your password.
  7. Press "Next"
  8. Review your current account licenses and press "Connect account" button