How to implement Retweet button on my blog

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jesse.bolder 28 Sep 2010 14:11 no-new-comments

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28 Sep 2010


I wanted to run a promotional campaign for my website where users retweet my posts. Can anyone help me out?


Boz Zashev 28 Sep 2010 15:21 {{new_comments_class}}

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17 Dec 2008

Hi Jessy,

the implementation of the retweet button (the same with FaceBook "like" and Google "buzz") is a matter of pasting the correct piece of code in the blog post presentation template.

The only specific is that you need to set the URL of the post dynamically with the help of the URL functional tags or the presentation tags of the webframe itself. 

To do that follow these steps

  1. First get the code for the Retweet button code snippet. In this case from this URL
  2. The code should look like:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    tweetmeme_style = 'compact';
    tweetmeme_source = 'tweetmeme';
    tweetmeme_service = '';
    tweetmeme_url = '';
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  3. Log in your Public Site with an account that has the Architect or Builder roles delegated.
  4. Navigate to a blog Post page
  5. Check if the Smart Browse mode is enabled, by looking in the lower left corner of the page.
  6. Now place your mouse on top of the blog post text and right click
  7. Select "Settings" from the context menu
  8. The webframe settings page will be presented. Click on its "Specific settings" tab
  9. The presentation template for single post will be presented in the text area. In WordFrame Integra the webframe presentation templates are a mix of standard HTML and webframe specific presentation tags.
  10. Paste the Code from the Tweetmeme site and manipulate the presentation template HTML according to your needs
  11. Set the "tweetmeme_source" to your site name or brand as this will be shown by tweeter as source.
  12. Set the "tweetmeme_url" to be generated by WordFrame Integra dynamically by pasting as URL "{{url: site-domain}}{{permalink_url}}" The first tag will be substituted by your site's root URL. The second will be substituted with the relative post permanent URL.
  13. Press the "Save" button

It make take a few minutes for the tweetmeme service to present a digit in the button box. If it keeps the question mark, check the error it represents and fix it

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28 Sep 2010

It worked great, thanks

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