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Posted: 04 Jul 2008 2 views 0 comments

I had a nice picture from Australia yesterday. Des Walsh, our Australian partner sent it to me. The picture is from the Gold Coast beach near Brisbane. Well, you will see that the picture does not have the magnificent and beautiful beaches and scenery of Australia but something completely else – it has some schematics and drawings of how the new WordFrame v2.0 Enterprise Platform is built and works.

I was so happy to see this type of effect on our partners made by the latest WordFrame v2.0 demos and discussions. I can assure you that once the first demo was over about 10 days ago there was nothing else in discussion with our partners and sales people for over a week. There was only one topic in the agenda – what WordFrame v2.0 is and what effect will it have on all our existing customers and prospects. All the attendees immediately saw that we are not talking about mere interface changes and cosmetics improvements on the existing WordFrame platform but we see a fundamental change in the entire architecture, functionality, development platform and business offering ...

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